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Grateful for Farrell’s

There have been so many positive gains from joining Farrell’s and pushing myself each and every day. No more headaches, lessened anxiety and depression, a husband who is super proud of me, a best friend who continuously pushes and challenges me to do more, and most important, a self-confidence that I had lost because of my other health issues.

Staying the Course Through the Holidays

Follow these nurtition tips to stay the course during the tempting holiday festivities.

My Farrell’s Family

A favorite thing about Farrell’s is that the instructors are not these perfectly toned models, well, some of them are. They are people who have done the program, love what it stands for, and help others reach whatever goals they may have.

For Once It’s About Me

Farrells eXtreme Bodyshaping has completely changed my life and made me a happier person. I have a new family of friends that understand what I’m going through because they are all going through it too. I would recommend this program to anyone (and I have!). It’s not just a weight loss program, it’s is an all-around fitness life program.

Why You Can Only Start Farrell’s Four Times a Year

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, we don’t consider ourselves a gym. We like to think of ourselves as a transformation center, invested in the health and wellness of each member. Our goal is to teach our students how to be successful. We hang our hat on helping people achieve lasting results and educating them on how to live healthy for life.



Check out what people are saying about Farrell's!

"Farrell's staff are amazing...kind, compassionate and truly want the best outcome for you. I couldn't walk for 2.5 years and had no strength or much energy, but knew I had to do something extreme to improve my health. Pain meds don't help much anymore. I am 54 and didn't think I would be able to do anything, but decided to give it a try and give it my all (with some modifications). In 4 weeks I lost 10lbs, but most impressive was I lost 4" off my hips, 3" off my waist and an 1" each off legs, arms and bust and I feel so much better. Eat what they recommend for 6 days, then enjoy your favorite foods 1 day/week, if you've stayed true to the program for 6 can't help but get great results.

Thank you staff and classmates for your help and encouragement. This is a family of supporters, who want you to succeed, not just another class, gym or boot camp where you feel alone among a bunch of strangers. If I can do this...anyone can!"

- Mary Ann Burgen - Farrell's Little Elm, TX

"Farrell's is so much more than a gym! It's truly a family! We work out together, cheer each other on, and give each other a kick in the rear when needed. This program has changed my life entirely for the better. I do things now that I never imagined I could ever do. The people are amazing and the program is incredible! I highly recommend it!"

- Keri Rufi Sparks - Farrell's Little Elm, TX

"I am giving this 5 stars because of how this has transformed my life. I was gaining weight and had tried every diet i could think of. My wife in desperation to help us lose weight joined Farrell's and made me do the nutrition portion of the diet. My wife completed the 10 weeks and I lost 40lbs doing the diet. I wasn't sure if i was going to sign up but I noticed that my wife was gaining a lot of strength and have better transformations than i was just with the diet alone! I decided to sign up and I can tell you that the classes are amazing! It is a full body workout and has greatly improved my strength and endurance. I am so grateful that Farrell's is here in Little Elm. It has truly changed my life!"

- Craig Nelson - Farrell's Little Elm, TX

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